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To first introduce ourselves, we are the Dolly Collective; named after Dolly the golden retriever, existing out of a changing composition of individuals.

Zoe Schollee, Maja Grzeczka, Rachel Schuit and Olga Tsyganova

are performers and makers graduated from the mime department in Amsterdam, bound together by the common interest of working with the curious, playfull and listening body.


Theater | Ervaring


With the body as our instrument we explore the intimate relationship with a landscape and its own dynamic.

Re-acting playfully and intuitively to the weather, the elements, the textures, the sounds, the day and the night, the people coming and going, the ever changing surroundings, ever changing us.

An environment where we create from what the landscape offers us. 

How can we really land in a place and listen to what is present? 

More than a product, we want to focus on creating a making- environment.

One where we dare to start without knowing what will come out. 

Where there is space to experiment and explore. 

We found a way of working where living and creating intertwine, exploring a more nomadic way of making. 

Where we first relocate ourselves by packing our bags and moving our sense of home.

We withdraw from the patterns we know to make space for the new.

This place will now be our temporary locus of perceiving the world around us.


For our first project we went to an old piece of land in Twello where we worked and lived together. Our main focus in this project was to research and rethink ways of working, emphesizing the proces.

Along this proces we invited guests to spend the weekend with us on the land and we shared the things we had discovered. In our Blog you can read about the daily rituals we found in this proces.

For more information and foto's go to: the land with no name yet

For our second project we moved to the beach of Almere. As artists-in-residency we collaborated with StrandLAB Almere. Also for this project we worked and lived at the site specific place for 6 weeks. We took with us certain ways of working we found on the land, but also noticed that the different season and the different location asked for new ways all over again. We noticed our desire to not only focus on the proces, but to this time really build up to a piece of work that we could share with an audience.

For more information and images go to: A SHIP CALLED SOMNIUM

Now that we are starting to feel some foundation within our way of working and thinking, we have been realizing that we don't always necessarily have to live where we work. And that the locations where we work don't have to be in nature.
The constellation within Dolly Collective can change, just as the product that comes out of our research.

More and more we realized it's about our desire to land somewhere, searching for a feeling of coming home, being connected with ourselves and our surrounding. And this search is what we then want to share with others.

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