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Here you can listen to the recording, made by sound-designer Robbi Meertens.

(Tip: put on good earphones and lie down on your back. Make it nice and cosy for yourselve if you want.)

For Playtime festival in Frascati theatre in Amserdam, we challenged ourselves to give this site specific individual experience a new form. To translate the outside experience to inside.

With video and sound recording made on the site specific place of Almeerderstrand, we made an installation. Still using the same principles of lying in the boat, being tucked in by us, and looking through a frame.

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Do people have to go all the way to a remote place in a quiet surrounding to go inwards, surrender and experience the surroundings with different eyes?

Or are we capable of doing this even within the fastness of the city?


Can we see that maybe everyhting is already there if we just notice it? The water is there, the sky is there, the buildings, the trees, the people..


Can we take the city as a place to take a step back and connect to our surrounding, and to ourselves, in a different way?

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