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Cleaning the house

Bijgewerkt op: 2 mei 2021

To make the space where we lived and worked ours, we first started cleaning.

We cleaned intensily for days in a row.

Dusting every object, one by one, taking out the rug, removing all spiderwebs, sweeping out mouse shit and washing the windows.

By rearranging the furniture into new constelations and re-placing every object, we realized we had actually touched everything there was in the house.

The old storage place we transformed into our atelier. We looked into every box, throwing out what was not needed anymore, taking out what inspired us, and putting back into storage what needed to be kept.

This whole proces became a ritual of transformation.

To create space for the new, we had to go through the old.

What do you want to keep? what do you need to let go?

You land in a place not only by observing, but also by actively taking part of it.

How to intervene, without disrupting the place.

How to listen to what a place wants or needs?

By adding your attention and effort you transform the place and give it something, and vice versa.

By doing these actions for such a long time period we noticed ourselves also being moved inside, being cleansed, rearranged and transformed.

By this ritual we became intertwined with the place.

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