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Digging ourselves into the ground

Bijgewerkt op: 22 apr. 2021

We started digging. It felt like the place asked for it. It was a little island of trees in the middle of a field. In the middle of this cirkel of trees, there was nothing growing and the ground went down a bit. We wanted to go down further.

We have been digging for days. And then we found water! We continued digging and using this muddy and clay like consistancy to smoothen out the walls of the hole.

This hole, became our sacred place, the place were our main ritual would take place.

We researched our fysical and sensual relation to the clay, the mud and the hole. From this came certain transformations.

Going in the hole, always had a transformative effect. It meant going down into the ground, going from clean to dirty, going from civilized to animal, going from light into the shadow. Everytime we went in, we felt this treshold. There was an unexplainable reluctancy to go in, whereas coming out almost always felt like a rebirth.

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