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Making space without knowing what for

Bijgewerkt op: 22 apr. 2021

We started building a space, because we felt we needed one, not knowing yet what it would be for. We also didn't know how it would look, or how to make it. We just knew were it should be; at the place were we had been cutting grass. We just started.

Collecting old windows, plastic sheets, wood and rope. We started building, we failed, we all had different ideas, we discussed, we tried again. And in two days it was there. We cleaned it, added some soft pillows and blankets and immediately slept in it together with the snails and other insects.

It reminded us of the childs play of making huts in your house or in the forest. Making your own little intimate space. A framed and safe place where your imagination could go wild.

The space turned out to have a very special and important function for our process.

We used it to gather with eachother and talk about how things were going, how we felt, what was bothering us, what we were desiring to do, giving eachother advice and feedback, etc. It became the place to tune into eachother and the process.

When we also started receiving guests and it would be raining, we started hanging in there throughout the night. Doing whatever happened in the moment, playing music together, jamming, drawing, talking, sleeping.

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