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The land with no name yet

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In the months of may and june 2020, the Dolly Collective (Zoe, Olga, Rachel and Dolly) have been landing on a land in Twello. There we have been discovering and developing a way of working where living together, working on the land and creating art all became mixed up and started inspiring one and another.

Several weekends we invited a small audience, calling them guests, to be with us on the land day and night.

We shared our creations, cooked together on a fire and worked together on the land. All being part of the performance.

One element that organically got the most focus during the process was the earth. We have been digging a lot, going between the roots, burying ourselves and the audience, planting, seeding, harvesting, transforming ourselves in the mud.


Times were changing, during this first lock-down period, which gave us the opportunity, and time, to take a step back and re-place ourselves. 

In a different frequency.


How to land, in this land. How to land in ourselves

How to live together. How to be alone How to take a step back, but not isolate.

How to be engaged

Digging in the ground, not knowing what we will find

How to build and let things fall apart

How to say goodbye, to be welcoming again

How to share with you

Photo's by Elliot Dehaspe & Niels van Heijningen

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